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Coil Replacement

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We perform spiral changes of both copper and hormone spirals. Prior to the coil insertion, patients are advised to take over the counter pain medication (Ibuprofen) before the procedure.

Copper Spiral

The Copper Spiral is a very safe contraceptive method that is inserted into the uterus. It releases copper ions locally in the uterus that makes it difficult for sperm to survive and prevents a fertilized egg from attaching to the egg. The copper coil is made of plastic and is inserted like a T with copper wires wrapped around certain parts. The spiral is changed every five years by a gynecologist, and the new spiral is inserted when the old one is taken out. You can get the coil removed at any time, and it has no lingering effect. Some may experience local pain after the coil is inserted, but this usually goes away quickly. If you know that you have experienced pain during earlier insertions, you may take an analgesic tablet in advance, prior to your visit. Once the coil has been inserted, you will not feel a thing.

Advantages of the copper coil
You will not forget to take tablets at certain times. It does not add any hormones that might interfere with or prevent the cycle. You have a safe and long-term protection.

Disadvantages of the copper coil

Some women may experience more abundant and more painful bleeding while discharge also may become more abundant, such as the risk of bacterial vaginosis. The risk of that the coil may be ejected during menstruation. There is a risk of infection when deposited. It does not protect the patient against sexually transmitted diseases.

Hormone spiral

An alternative to the copper coil there is a hormone spiral, where the difference is that instead of copper, the coil contains the hormone gestagen. The hormone spiral also provides a very safe protection against pregnancy, as the hormones cause the cervical secretion to become thick and prevent sperm from entering the uterus. It also makes the mucous membrane of the uterus thin and the mobility of the sperms deteriorates. Like the copper coil, the hormone spiral is inserted into the uterus where it continuously delivers a small dose of hormones. There are two different types of hormone spirals. One that needs to be changed every five years and one with a little less hormone that is changed every three years. Since the hormone spiral secretes such a small dose of hormone it is uncommon with side effects. Some, however, get irregular bleeding in the beginning, but most often this will stop. You can use both copper and hormone spirals when you are breastfeeding.

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