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Read more about our overweight unit

Read more about our overweight unit

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NCK Stockholm

Here we have the possibility for consultations and other screenings, and we also perform minor surgical and orthopedic interventions. There are many hotels in the area and it is close to everything that Stockholm has to offer.

NCK Linkoping

At the clinic in Linkoping we have our modern operating rooms, it is close to communications and the University hospital The clinic is located in the same house as hotel Ekoxen and you can rest here after your surgery. The hotel is comfortable and decorated with homey and nice rooms. Of course, there is also room for your loved ones.

Who are we

Nordiskt Centrum is a surgical specialist clinic that works with surgical procedures in children and adults and performs gastroscopy and colonoscopy on behalf of the Östergötland region, insurance companies and privately paying patients and we treat a total of about 5,000 patients per year.

We have about 20 employees with operations manager, CEO, surgeons, orthopedists, anesthesiologists, anesthesia nurses, surgical nurses, nurses and sterile staff. A good personnel policy means that we have very low sickness absence and we are also bound by collective agreements. Christofer Grimås is the CEO, doctor and owner together with My Hagéus, Johannes Kriisa and Mattias Carlsson.

We work continuously with quality assurance and quality management systems and participate in quality registers such as SOREG, SveReKKS and BRIMP.

All our staff speak Swedish and English, but we also have agreements with interpreters when required.

Nordic Center for Surgery (556858-8932) owns 100% of Linköping's specialist clinic (556724-6417). The company currently has sales of approximately SEK 45 million.

Klostergatan 68, 3 tr
58223 Linköping
t. 020-240300
m. info@nordisktcentrum.se
kontaktperson: Christofer Grimås


Located near the central station, it is easy to reach for consultations and lectures.

Contact us today for a free consultation
020-24 03 00