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Info area:
Operating time Approx. 1 hour
Anesthesia Narcosis
Sick leave 2 weeks
Control 6 weeks, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years
Price 85 000 SEK

”Today I love going to work and going to the park or the cinema with my children”

After the birth of her two children and later a divorce, a large weight gain and close to no energy to take care of herself, do her job or take care of her children, Maryam finally decided to do something about it. Gastric Bypass surgery, she says, changed her whole life, and she does not regret it for a second. Life is great and she feels like and has the energy of an 18-year-old, which makes her love going to work and doing things with her children.
Maryam is originally from Iran and lives in Husby, Stockholm. Today, she works as a nurse at the surgeon’s office at Sankt Goran Hospital, but when she was undergoing surgery she worked in the home care service industry and had little knowledge of weight surgery. Except for what a neighbor had told me that had previously had Gastric Bypass surgery. Today she assists in a few Gastric Bypass surgeries a day and can with her experiences be a support for the patients.
“My neighbor had talked about how pleased she was with her surgery for a long time, and that information had stayed with me. When I met with the doctor for the first time, she came with me for support, but the doctor was so good, he repeatedly told me that the decision was mine alone and that I should not listen to anyone else. Neither positive nor negative comments, “says Maryam. Everything began when Maryam had her two children. Before that, she had no problems with her weight, but the pregnancies caused her to put on several extra kilos. Initially, she was not thinking too much about it, but people in her vicinity often made derogatory comments about her weight, which made her eat even more in order to comfort herself.
“Food was never my problem, my problem was snacking. I was constantly craving sweet and fat, partially because of my stressful situation, and it eventually became a bad circle. It didn’t help that my former husband’s family was always commenting on my weight and it wasn’t very helpful that they were constantly telling me that I should lose weight.”
Maryam tried to lose weight on several occasions, both by dieting and exercising, but it never worked, at the same time her energy and desire became ever less.
“I did not have the energy to go to work, I just wanted to sleep all the time. I was pale and effete, and it was affecting my children. I never wanted to do fun things with them, “she says.
One day she began searching for Gastric Bypass surgery on the internet and then she contacted a doctor at NCK and after meeting and talking about what an operation would mean, the decision was easy.
“The doctor at NCK has been such a huge support for me both before, during and after the surgery. He really takes the time to talk to you and has been so much more than a doctor, he is a friend. In addition to him preforming the surgery in a fantastic way, and that I got to stay in a hotel afterwards, to rest, I have been able to call him at any time to talk about the problems I had after the surgery. Like regarding the lack of draw for food that I was experiencing at the beginning. But even regarding other thoughts I had about life as a whole. I mean what doctors will get back to you and have time for you when they are traveling in New York, “says Maryam.

”The NCK doctor has been a major support for me both before, under and after the surgery”

Today, Maryam feels like she is 18 years old again, and she feels like she with good help quickly learned how and what she should eat; how, when and how much She has lots of stamina and energy and loves to do things like going to the park or going to the movies with her children. They have told her how much they think life has changed even for them after she did the surgery. “One of the things that I enjoy the most is that I can buy clothes again. Previously, nothing suited me and I hated going to the mall. Now I can go into any store or open a catalog and choose and wreck, and I know they always have my size. I really feel young again and my 13-year-old son has told me that he feels proud when I come to his school because his friends think I’m his sister.”
For Maryam, the surgery has meant so much more than just losing weight and that it has become easier for her to move.
“This has given me a new life, and I do not regret it for a second. Now I weigh 54 kilos and I am more than satisfied. Twice a week I go to the gym and work out, and before my energy level used to be on a zero on a scale between zero and ten, today I have more than ten in energy. It feels like I know who I am now, I did not know that before. Best of all, I can be there for my children and I do not want to go and hide.”

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