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Info area:
Operating time Approx. 1 hour
Anesthesia Narcosis
Sick leave 2 weeks
Control 6 weeks, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years
Price 85 000 SEK

” The doctors said that I had a high risk of suffering from sleep apnea, heart problems and obesity. I understood that I had to do something about it right away. I wanted to see my children grow up ”

At the end of April 2014, Per Anderz, 51, was playing golf with his childhood friends outside of Uppsala. When he came home on Sunday night, suddenly it began to hurt just below his right clavicle.
“I was waiting for the pain to go away, but it didn’t, so I booked a doctor’s appointment a few days later.”

But Per Anderz never made it to the doctor. When he was putting his 4-year-old son to bed something strange happened.

“My wife was out horseback riding, so I was alone at home with the children and when I got up from bed after my son fell asleep, I was overwhelmed by a huge anxiety attack. Something was seriously wrong, I did not know what, but my whole body reacted to it. I went to the couch and called the ambulance, as well as my wife, and said she had to get home right away. “

The ambulance arrived and examined Per Anderz on the spot. They checked his blood pressure and ECG, but nothing seemed to be wrong. Per Anderz, however, still had an overwhelming feeling that something was wrong, so he was sent to the hospital with the ambulance.
“We were heading for Koping when something happened. I cannot remember it so vividly, but I know we were two minutes away from the hospital when something happened. Suddenly, I heard someone shouting, giving instructions to turn the ambulance around right away, and quickly. I heard someone speaking about my vitals and then something about the heart intensive ward. “

Per Anderz silences a second and then goes on;
“I had a heart attack. In the ambulance “.

Gained weight after the injury 

They arrived at the emergency room in Vasteras and he was directly taken into surgery. During the procedure, they inserted a stent that expanded the vessel, and the pain in Per Anderz shoulder immediately disappeared.

“My wife came to the hospital and was in shock,” said Per Anderz, “I had never been ill throughout my life. Except for my cruciate ligament….”.

Per Anderz had previously worked as a hockey judge on the elite level, but his career ended after he wore out his cruciate ligament in 1997. “I could not exercise after that, so I started to gain weight.”

Per Anderz returns to talking about the dramatic events of the myocardial infarction:
“I had to stay overnight and in the morning, I ate breakfast at the hospital. Suddenly I became very tired. My body became heavy and I felt drowsy. We thought it was due to the stress over everything that happened in the past 24 hours and I decided to rest for a while. The problem was that it was not stress. There had been a complication from the surgery so when I fell asleep my heart stopped.”

”Would I never wake up again?”

Han fick snabbt åka tillbaka till Västerås där de undersökte honom igen och bekräftade att operationen hade följts av komplikationer, trots att hjärtat såg friskt och normalt ut.
”Det var ångestfyllt. Jag visste ju inte vad som kunde hända. Skulle jag gå och lägga mig och aldrig vakna igen? Jag förstod inte vad som hänt. Allt var så overkligt. Jag fick ligga kvar på sjukhuset ett tag och när jag äntligen kom hem fick jag inte göra något på två veckor”.

Per Anderz hade tidigare haft problem med sömnapné, ett tillstånd som orsakar andningsuppehåll under nätterna. När läkarna på sjukhuset undersökte honom sa de att han slutade andas flera gånger per natt och de var förvånade över att han orkade ta sig igenom dagarna.
”Jag fick börja prova olika tekniker för att få bukt med problemet,” säger han, ”Men ingenting fungerade. Jag sov bara sämre när jag hade dessa apparater eller bettskenor som skulle hjälpa mig. Under hela 2015 försökte de hitta lösningar, men ingenting hjälpte”. 

I wanted to see my children grow up

During 2015, thoughts of overweight surgery began to take place. “The doctors said I was at a high risk of suffering from sleep apnea, heart problems and obesity. I understood that I had to do something right away. I wanted to see my children grow up “.

Per Anderz began to think about his options. “I could not work-out because of my injury and I knew I needed to do something fast. That was when I met a physician at the hospital who had undergone a Gastric Sleeve operation, which I began to seriously consider. He pushed me over the edge, so to speak. “

”The crucial thing for me when choosing a clinic was that I was treated so well by the doctor and that a good connection was created between us.”

He was treated well

He received a referral sent to the county council but did not have his hopes up because he was not “big enough”. Instead, he began to search for alternatives, and eventually ended up at the Nordic Center for Surgery.

“The reason I ended up there was that there was an emergency department adjacent to the clinic, and with my heart problems it was a necessity. The reason for choosing the clinic was clearly that I was treated so well by the doctor and that we established a good connection. I spoke a little to the surgeon, asked all the questions that I could think of and received very detailed and professional answers. I felt I had enough knowledge of the operation and after I was given support from my wife, I decided that I would go through with it. “

Per Anderz, however, understood a very important aspect of the procedure: an overweight operation is not a miracle cure, it is a tool. The operation went smoothly and well. Per Anderz says that he felt calm because he felt that he had such a good connection with the doctor at the clinic.

“It was obviously a process afterwards, because you have to change your eating habits altogether,” he says, “but that was not difficult. I ate in another way; I felt satisfied earlier. Before, I could continue to eat for a long time after feeling full, but now my body would not let me do that. I lost a lot of weight. “

Per Anderz lost 30 kilos and now he looks like a completely different person.
“I have never regretted it,” he says.

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