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Operating time Approx. 1 hour
Anesthesia Narcosis
Sick leave 2 weeks
Control 6 weeks, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years
Price 85,000 SEK

”Now I have enough energy to play with my children and I feel so much happier and more alert”

Besarta is originally from Kosovo and came to Sweden when she was six years old. She lives in Vallentuna, Stockholm, and works as a traffic and information manager. She is married and has two children and a bonus child. Her weight problems began after her pregnancies. After countless diets and hours at the gym with a personal trainer and on her own, but with no results. This resulted in psychological effects on her mood that affected her and her family, one day she felt; that’s enough. That’s when she scheduled the time for a Gastric Bypass operation. Something she has never regretted.

”After my pregnancies, I gained a lot of weight, especially with my second child. In addition, I had a job that required me to partially work nights, where I had to get up at three o’clock in the morning to be at work at four, which included a highly sedentary lifestyle.
That’s when I started gaining even more weight. It was difficult with routines and I ate at irregular times; I would often eat sandwiches and food late in the evening. For example, I would fry a couple of eggs and eat them just before I would go to bed. Then I would go to work and sit completely still without the opportunity for as much as a walk and then I would eat food again”, says Besarta.

As Besarta was gaining weight, she mentally began to feel worse. She became depressed. A lot of the time she was too tired to play with her children and she describes it as if she simply did not feel well. She spent a lot of time trying to lose weight through various diets, workouts, and training with a personal trainer. But nothing helped.

”I never had any energy and did not want to do anything, either with my husband, my children or my friends. I felt I was giving up, because nothing helped.”

One day she felt that she had had enough, and after consulting with her husband, she began to search the internet for different ways to lose weight and to keep it off.

”After the first conversation with the doctor at NCK, I just felt that this was just right for me. He was so kind and so supportive, he listened and he informed me of the procedure. He seemed so trustworthy. I immediately gained confidence in him. I also had a childhood friend who had undergone Gastric Bypass surgery that was very pleased with the results.”

Besarta and the doctor talked over the phone several times and met a couple of times before she underwent surgery. On a beautiful spring day, she went with her husband to Linkoping to finally complete the Gastric Bypass operation. “I remember it so well, my husband and I went to Linkoping the day before, because I had to be operated on early in the morning. After the surgery, we stayed at a hotel to rest. It felt very nice and luxurious. My husband was very supportive, and he always has been. There was a lot of things that he made sure of, he made sure that I ate the way that I was supposed to, he was very particular and strict, which was just what I needed”, says Besarta.

At first, she had a little trouble with getting into the routines surrounding the food; what she should eat, how much and when, and above all to not eat too fast. But as soon as she had a problem, she could call the doctor who listened, supported and advised her. In the beginning, she got so-called dumps when she ate and she felt dizzy. But it quickly passed.

Problems with gallstones meant further surgery, but it had nothing to do with the Gastric Bypass procedure, but it is a common side-effect with a large amount of weight loss.

“I’m glad I did not start to lose that much weight until after three months had passed and it took a year before I had stabilized my weight. That meant I did not get any problems with loose skin, it is solid and nice. Today, I weigh 61 kilos and it is perfect and ideal for me. I’m so pleased, “says Besarta. Besarta says that she has never regretted undergoing surgery, on the contrary. “The doctor at NCK is the world’s best doctor.

”The doctor at NCK is the world’s best doctor. Even a year after the surgery, he would call me to check up on how I was feeling. It was so nice.”

“Now I can not only play with my children, I’m much happier and more excited. Before, I felt very bad psychologically and did not even want to go out with my friends because I felt like people were staring at me and I was embarrassed of myself. Now my self-esteem has become so much better and I feel very strong psychologically. I am not depressed at all anymore. Now I can use nice clothes again and I can shop everywhere. Before, putting on a jacket to go outside was a struggle for me.”

Besarta is pleased that she chose to do the surgery at NCK because she feels that she received the best possible treatment before the procedure, the surgery went well and she was so well taken care of afterwards. She felt like they understood her.

”The doctor at NCK is the world’s best doctor. Even a year after the surgery, he would call me to see how I was doing. It was so nice.”

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