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Info area:
Operating time Approx. 1 hour
Anesthesia Narcosis
Sick leave 2 weeks
Control 6 weeks, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years
Price 85,000 SEK

”Now I know how it feels to be full, and now I know how it feels to maintain the weight.”

While dieting Linda managed to lose 27 kilos. A year later she had gained almost 30. Like many other people who are overweight, she believes that the hard part is not to lose weight, but to sustain it. Her self-esteem has never failed her, although she always knew she would feel better by lowering her BMI. There were several reasons that led her to decide on a Gastric Bypass surgery, one of which was the growing concern for diabetes, another was that one of her knees began to get worn out because of the obesity.

Linda arbetar som kontorschef på ett företag i Linköping, hon har en sambo och en dotter på fem år. Hon säger att hon provat det mesta, alltifrån Viktväktarna till Extravaganza. Hon har under långa perioder både tränat mycket och ätit rätt, men perioderna har alltid fått abrupta slut.

“If anyone is an expert on weight loss, it’s me. I have lost weight in different rounds for as long as I can remember, but I have always fallen back into old habits and then the sugar dependency becomes too strong. It’s like when cake has been served at work in the past; I was always the one who would eat two pieces, and then a third on my way out of the room, just because it was so good. It is like there has been no limit” she says.

Linda describes how jealous she has always been of girls in her surrounding who have been able to order a big piece of cake with extra cream, take two bites of it and then say that’s enough. That phenomenon has also become her goal. And now, for the first time in her life, she experienced that feeling herself. “Now I’m suddenly one of those people who can actually feel: No, I do not want any more! When I had taken three bites of it, I felt that it was enough. I even took a picture of the cake with my mobile to remember how it felt. It was an absolutely incredible feeling. “

The thoughts about the surgery had been with Linda for a long time. She surfed the net and knew that the limit to become eligible for surgery was at a BMI of 35. She had never really seen herself as a person in need of help, but the curiosity surrounding a Gastric Bypass surgery grew stronger. During pregnancy, she received pregnancy diabetes and her 91 kilos began to put more pressure on her knees. Linda says it was when she noticed that her body actually began to run out of strength, as she seriously realized that something had to be done about the situation. 

One day, Linda discovered that she had actually passed the BMI limit and now had a value of 37. She decided to start phoning clinics and one of the places happened to be NCK. “I was treated in a very understanding and professional manner, but in spite of that, I actually chose to make a double check with the County Council. They began to directly talk about interviews and investigations, and I felt like it was going to take too long.

I had the money and I had the will, in addition, it appeared that NCK has a clinic in Linkoping, where I live. “” Now I know how it feels to be full, and now I know how it feels to maintain the weight. “

Said and done, the operation was booked and in the beginning of May 2014 and it was time for Linda to check in to hotel Ekoxen and then head to NCK’s operating rooms. She describes the time after the surgery as very relaxing. As soon as on the second day after her procedure she was encouraged to go outside and move. She took a walk, albeit a very tranquil one, through the city. “It actually became two very luxurious days. After the walk, I laid in the hotel room and watched TV, read a little and had some soup. And I received several visits from the surgeon and the team at NCK, it felt very safe.”

As a side effect, Linda mentions general soreness for a week after surgery, but otherwise it was easy to recover into regular life. “I made purée out of most things during the first three weeks, then I went back to eating regular food, I was very careful about it for a while and I used to mash most things. Two months passed without me chewing very much,” Linda laughs.

One of her best memories after the surgery was when she returned to work after her holiday. “I did the surgery in May and was on sick-leave for two weeks. At midsummer I went on an eight week long vacation, and during this time I went down 24 kilos in total. My colleagues just stood there with their chin at the knees wondering who they were looking at. Most people usually gain a couple of pounds during their vacation, but not me! It’s a memory that I’ll always carry with me. “

Since the surgery, Linda has eaten too much on one occasion. That’s when her domestic partner had bought a bag of candy and by old habit put the bowl on the coffee table. “I completely forgot about it and ate ten pieces, it was so good, and they just went down. But I soon regretted it, I experienced palpitations, sweating and I could not sleep during the night. And too this day I feel that I do not want to experience that again.

On average, she has lost about one kilo a week – from 91 kilos to 56.5 kilos. her goal weight, 55 kilos, is not far away. Despite her drastic weight loss, she has not thought that her experience has been hard, on the contrary, she does not think much about her food intake. “I continued to live my life just like usual, but when others eat their portions, maybe I eat one-third of what they are having.” She has not really started exercising yet, but she’s dreaming of starting to run. A dream that seems to be all the easier to fulfill as her knees are feeling healthier. “This time I will do it,” says Linda. “Now I know how it feels to be full, and now I know how it feels to sustain the weight.” 

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