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Financing & pricing

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Financing and prices

If you have a private insurance policy, or if you are insured through your company this can cover certain assessments and operational interventions. Consult your insurance company to find out more about your terms.

Private financing / bank loans

A common approach to finance surgery is to expand the loan of an existing mortgage.

Internal Revenue Service

Note that all plastic surgery prices are priced on a basic surgery level and the price may be higher depending on your circumstances. The exact price can only be determined after a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

A consultation costs 500 SEK.

Price list

Fat freeze / Cool shaping (fixed price)

2.900 SEK per treatment

Liposuction stomach

20.000 – 40.000 SEK

Liposuction belly & hips

30.000 – 50.000 SEK

Liposuction knees

15.000 SEK

Liposuction chin (general anethesia)

25.000 SEK

Liposuction love handles

35.000 SEK

Liposuction thighs

26.000 – 75.000 SEK

Liposuction calves

30.000 SEK
A package price will be created if you are preforming liposuction on more than one location.

Scar plastic surgery

4000 SEK

Breast lift

40.000 SEK

Breast augmentation (Mentor® implants)

42.000 SEK

Breast Enlargement Motiva® Implant

45.000 SEK

Capsule Guarantee

+ 5.000 SEK

Breast augmentation + breast lift

70.000 SEK

Breast reduction

45.000 SEK

Replacement of breast prosthesis applied by us within 1 year

45.000 SEK

Replacement of breast prosthesis inserted more than 1 year ago or operated at another clinic

42.000 SEK

Removal of breast implants

20.000 SEK

Abdominoplasty small

40.000 SEK

Circrumferent abdominoplasty including Liposuction

100.000 - 140.000 SEK

Full abdominoplasty including navel translocation + Liposuction waist / hips

64.000 + 15-20.000 SEK

See also under full body: Cool shaping / Liposuction


Eyelid lift upper, both sides (narcosis)

20.000 (25.000) SEK

Eyelid lift upper & lower, both sides

35.000 SEK

Eyelid lift lower, both sides

25.000 SEK

Face lift single

50.000 SEK

Face lift comprehensive

74.000 SEK

Forehead lift

35.000 / 45.000 SEK

Neck lift

40.000 SEK

Neck prosthesis

20.000 SEK

Chin prosthesis

26.000 SEK

Lip augmentation with own fatty tissue

12.000 (19.000) SEK

Outstanding ears

19.000 (26.000)SEK


39.000 – 120.000 SEK

See also under body: Cool shaping / Liposuction



for 3.500 SEK

Fillers (Juviderm / Restylane)

for 3.500 SEK
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