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Annelie, 40, has always thought that her breasts were too small.

“I was not happy with my little bust and wanted a bigger one with a beautiful shape. Before I had the surgery, I was a size 70A and as I was getting older, the more I felt that I was not satisfied. “

After hearing stories from her friends Annelie, 40, became interested in getting a breast augmentation. She took her time to examine her friends’ breasts to make her decision. “Lastly, I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper, where a clinic offered the surgery for about 30,000 kronor. I decided to stop thinking about it and just do it “.

In 2000 Annelie had the surgery and she was very pleased with the results. She describes her emotions after the operation as euphoric – but the post-surgery period became problematic. “Unfortunately, I did not establish a good connection with my doctor,” she says, “which made me feel insecure. I had trouble with pain on the right side of my chest after the surgery, but it felt like I never really got any answers to my questions when I called the clinic. I began to feel awkward like I was disturbing them.”

New Surgery – seventeen years later, Annelie had to hire a chiropractor for almost a year to massage the muscles around her breast to get the implants to move into the right spot. Eventually, the pain went away and she could move properly again. Almost seventeen years later, she decided to have a new operation. “I was pleased with the first surgery, even though I wasn’t satisfied with the reception of the surgeon, but my implants had started to drop so my breasts looked saggy.” In 2009 Annelie got to know Marie Forséni Flodin, who had worked as a plastic surgeon for almost 10 years. They hit it off and that made Annelie start thinking about a new procedure. “Marie is a wonderful person. We established an incredibly good connection. I have to thank her, she gave me the courage to be able to go through with the surgery again after having had such a bad experience the first time around”.



It did not hurt

Annelie got new implants, 275 ml behind the breast muscle. She decided to get a breast and an areola lift at the same time for a firmer look. She sounds happy when she describes how she felt afterwards. “I did not have the slightest pain. I took painkillers for three days, but even that felt like plenty, “she laughs and continues:” The second day after surgery, it felt like I could walk a mile without any problems. The breasts felt a little bit sensitive, but otherwise I barely felt a thing.”

The scars haven’t been a problem for Annelie either, even though the surgery was relatively extensive. “I’m so incredibly pleased. It’s a fantastic feeling for me to have the bust that I always wanted and to finally feel feminine. I will never regret my decision for a second “.
She concludes by praising her doctor’s reception: “I felt safe. Marie is an incredibly good surgeon “.

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