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Breast Augmentation

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One of the most common plastic surgery procedures today is a Breast Augmentation. Many women go through with the surgery when their bust changes or loses shape after pregnancy, but it is also common to want to perform the surgery because the breasts are asymmetrical or of an undesired shape.

Info area:

Operating time: 1-4 hour

Anesthesia: Narcosis

Requires sick leave: 1-2 weeks

Screening: 1 week, 6 months

Breast augmentation (Mentor): 42 000 SEK

Breast augmentation (Allergy / Motiva): 45 000 SEK

Breast augmentation + Breast lift: 70 000 SEK

The implants are placed either above or below the breast muscle depending on how much tissue the patient has. However, it is more common to place the implant behind the muscle. All implants that are currently used by our clinic have a silicone cover, but depending on the patient's appearance and shape, one can choose between saltwater (saline prosthesis) or silicone gel. The latter option is most common since silicone feels more like the body's own tissue. The price is determined by the complexity of the surgery and of the implant type that is chosen by the patient. In consultation with the surgeon, the patient selects which method that fits best. In some cases, you can perform the surgery with keyhole surgery.

The surgery usually takes one hour. It usually does not hurt for more than three to four days, and with proper pain medication, the patient's everyday life should not be limited. One to two weeks sick leave is normal, depending on type of work duties.

During the consultation between the surgeon and the patient, the procedure is tailored to suit your needs and wishes.

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