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Today one of the most common plastic surgeries is liposuction. Many people feel that they do not get rid of their fat deposits, despite exercise. Liposuction cannot replace exercise and a good diet, but is only a means of eliminating what exercise does not target. It is important that the patient is not overweight during surgery because only localized fat deposits can be removed.

Info area:

Time for surgery: About 2 hours

Anesthesia: Narcosis

Required sick leave: 1-2 weeks

Screening: 1 week, 6 months

Liposuction abdomen: 20 - 40 000 SEK

Liposuction abdomen + hips: 30 - 50 000 SEK

Liposuction knees: 15 000 SEK

Liposuction chin: 25 000 SEK

Liposuction lovehandles: 35 000 SEK

Liposuction thighs: 26 000 - 75 000 SEK

Liposuction calves: 30 000 SEK

Liposuction venusberg: 15 000 SEK

When fat deposits are removed, the fullness decreases below the skin. If the patient's skin has a good adaptability, the skin will eventually be pulled together, but in some cases liposuction needs to be combined with a complementary procedure of removing the skin.

The procedure is usually carried out under narcosis. It is common to feel some pain after the procedure, but this is limited with the tablets that the doctor prescribes. It is important to remember that the final result is achieved only after 6-12 months. Exercise should be avoided for about 4-6 weeks. In addition, the patient should wear compression clothing, day and night for 3 weeks and then daily for another 3 weeks, to avoid swelling and to make sure that the body conforms to its new shape.

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