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Rhinoplasty is one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures. Usually the patient wants to change the shape of the nose or reduce it, but the operation can also be performed for functional reasons, such as straightening a slit nose or nasal partition wall to improve breathing. Some patients choose to change the nose’s appearance with a nose tip surgery.

Info area:

Time for surgery: 1-3 hours

Anesthesia: Narcosis

Required sick leave: 7-8 days

Screening: 1 week, 12 months

Nose tip surgery: 24 - 37 000 SEK

Outer nose surface procedure: 45 000 SEK

Outer nose with nose partition wall surgery: 49 500 SEK

Prices are inclusive of VAT, if applicable

The operation is performed under anesthesia and usually takes between a few minutes to 3 hours. The operation can be performed as closed surgery, in that case all of the incisions and scars are hidden within the nose, or by open surgery, the surgeon can then choose to enter a small incision on the nasal partition wall. The scar becomes very discreet and usually after a few months it is hard to see it at all. What method the surgeon chooses depends on what the nose looks like and on your requests. In some cases, cartilage implants are required, which are taken from the ear, or the nasal partition wall, afterwards it will not be noticeable that you borrowed cartilage from another area. At the first doctor's visit, you and the surgeon will decide on the basis of your wishes and on the most appropriate procedure for the best results.

After surgery, swellings and bruises occur around the nose. Swelling decreases after a few days. It is common for the patient to stay at home from work for about a week.

The surgery takes place during the day, after the surgery, you will stay at the recovery department for about 2 hours before going home.

After a week, during your visit the doctor will remove the plaster and the plastic sheets will be taken out. Tissue strips in the nose that are sometimes used after surgery to prevent bleeding, such as tamponades, are only used in very rare occasions.

After surgery, you will have bruises on the cheeks, these will disappear in a week. The swelling is at its worst on the third day but will decrease afterwards. You are usually required to stay home from work for about 7-8 days, as long as the plaster has been used. The nose heals slowly and for some, the swelling can last for a long time. However, for most, 80% of the swelling has gone down 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

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